Polly Ambermoon has been capturing images of nature on film for over 15 years. She is driven to share the beauty of the wilderness in an effort to promote conservation of natural habitats, and as a reminder of the precious nature of our world.

"My love of nature arose many years ago when I was shown how to see the spirit Earth, embracing a deep respect and acknowledgement of the lifeforce in which all resides. I started to seek the company of the natural world and gradually came to experience it as 'home'. Around the same time the nature photography of the late Tasmanian, Peter Dombrovskis, introduced my vision to nature's microcosms, where a small square of rock or vegetation can contain a mutlitude of natural worlds. I started wanting to capture my increasing wonderment and changing perspectives inspired by my meditations in nature through nature photography. My drive to seek the Divine in her most glorious colours and forms has taken me to places I never would have ventured otherwise. I have challenged both mind and body on my wilderness treks...as most nature photographers have experienced the pain and joy that comes from these quests to find the eternal, as we witness the endless changes that take place around us, the infinite possibilities that the physical world can manifest."

Equipment: Polly prefers to use traditional photographic methods for her landscape photography, using an analogue Nikon F4 camera body with a variety of Nikon lenses, and a Gitzo tripod. Her film of choice is Fujichrome Velvia.

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